About Me: I’m a Foundation Dr in Dundee with a passion for Global Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery. From August 2019-2021 I’ll be completing the Academic Foundation Programme in Ninewells.

I’m interested in quality improvement in healthcare, and I’ve worked on a few research projects as a student. I’m currently learning how to use more data science tools with R. (.. d3.js and HTML). I dabble in LaTex, Python and SQL.

I tend to use private repositories on Github when I’m working, and make them public once I’ve cleaned up the code - especially when I’m using public datasets. But if there’s something I can share here while I’m going along, I do at least try to post explanations of what I’m working.

All the code should be reproducible from Github and the data sources marked out in my scripts. These projects show some examples of work I’m interested in at the moment.



A project mapping drug interactions listed in the BNF. Working on hierachical edge bundling algorithms, and learning to use D3.js.


A project mapping SIMD health data onto Arran. Later combined with postcode data, gifs and interactive maps.


A project importing OpenPrescribing.net data directly into RStudio. Another separate package returning default plots on given BNF parameters


This a collection of writing, produced for varying publications. Fuelled by late-night coffee, and even more urgent deadlines - these pieces are for a number of the different groups I’m involved with. Most, however have a broad focus on healthcare issues, student societies, and effective charity governance.


Some of the other odds and ends. Visualising election results, searchable clinical knowledge summaries, working with the Humanitarian Data Exchange.


Some of the academic projects I’ve worked on as a student.

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