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JPRAS Visual Abstracts Continued

Functional recovery after bilateral extended autologous latissimus dorsi breast reconstruction: A prospective observational study.

JPRAS Visual Abstracts

One-stage reconstruction of complex soft tissue defects in the hands using multidigit, chimeric, lateral arm, perforator flaps. A visual abstract produced for JPRAS.

Early Pregnancy Admissions in A and E

A consideration of Early Pregnancy Admissions in A and E.

Body mass index and complications following major gastrointestinal surgery: a prospective, international cohort study and meta-analysis.

A collaborative project through EuroSurg.

Bilateral mastectomy and reconstruction: Cross-sectional study of indications, methods and outcomes at a Tertiary Oncoplastic Breast Surgery Unit

Pre-operative fasting in elective breast surgery patients: have times improved with the introduction of a new guideline?

An audit of pre-operative fasting.

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