BNF Interactions


I made a few bits of progress. I’m a bit lazy to make a ‘how-to’ tonight.

I’ve linked my graph to the interaction messages, severities, evidence gradings taken from This reflects the new data being listed by the BNF. It’s not always mentioned, many of the drugs have unlabeled evidence or severity values for the interactions.

The ‘severe’ interactions are highlighted on my sidebar. (As well as severity totals as a whole.)

I’ve also made an on:hover comparison tool, for the drug selected and any other.

This graph was a significant step in terms of my learning with D3.js, and a good middle point for me to eventually integrate further graph customisations, such as built-from selected-drugs graphs, or a search bar for additional drugs to add on to the baseline (top 100 most commonly prescribed drugs). And eventually, a properly-tensionable class hierachy.

As I learn more, I’ll to customise this around features that benefit the interpretation/learning of health professionals, in a way it’s not yet currently.

If you have any feedback on changes that would make this more helpful, please get in contact through twitter.

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