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I wanted to plot some of this new openprescribing data geographically today after playing around with the new functions, however I soon realised I needed locations, and so I converted the ‘CCG boundaries’ section of the api.

New Function

7. CCG boundaries

Search for the boundaries of a CCG, or location of a practice, by code. Returns GeoJSON.

Output Function
Boundaries of all CCGs CCG_boundaries_or_location()
Boundaries of an individual CCG CCG_boundaries_or_location(CCG_code = “99H”)
Location (approximate) of practices in a CCG, by code CCG_boundaries_or_location(CCG_code = “99H”)
Location (approximate) of a practice in a CCG CCG_boundaries_or_location(CCG_code = “99H”, practice_code = “P87003”)
Location (approximate) of a practice in a CCG CCG_boundaries_or_location(practice_code = “P87003”)

Personally I find it very difficult to read JSON files, so you can tidy it up afterwards using JSONlite or tidyjson but I’ll leave that to you.

Plots to come..

UPDATE 12:40:

Managed to import/plot using GeoJSON, but since I’m not particularly familiar with the format I used the api address..

st_read("") %>% st_as_sf()

To create a simple features collection, which made things much easier.

See the map.

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