Rstudio Preview - Radix


Edit 21/06/2019: Radix has since been renamed Distill and I’ve rewritten academic to use the new package.

I’ve recently read a number of different articles using features from the most recent version of Rstudio Preview.

The benefit of following lots of different Rstats-related people on Twitter means that I a see lot of interesting articles, and there a lot of new features that I’m interested in; Python, d3.js, and SQL integration.. But first, one of the articles was about the package Radix.

I’ve been experimenting with it over the weekend to try to store the acedemic projects I’ve worked on as a student, (as well as the eventual DOIs, PMID, journal details that come from them), and move away from the osx notes file I’ve been keeping so far. There were a few teething problems rendering the XML files, but overall I’m really impressed. My hope would be that this would become something I could refer to and use in an interview setting.

You can see the results here.

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