Extreme Survival: A Doctor Explores the Limits of Human Endurance


By Dr Kenneth Kamler

Recounting his experiences with AMS, surviving adrift at sea, as well as performing hand surgery in the not entirely aseptic depths of the Amazonian Rainforest. Dr Kenneth Kamler tells stories of his adventures and those of his friends, to create a gripping depiction of some of the most inhospitable environments in the world and the conditions that can occur in them.

He details his reactions to the injuries and uses his skills as a storyteller to examine the actions doctors take in order to treat under pressure.

The impact that doctors’ actions can have on a group’s survival is significant, and he raises difficult questions about the right thing to do when a whole team’s lives are at stake.

The writer has travelled across the Antarctic, Amazon, and worked on several high altitude projects with the New York Explorers Society, NASA, DARPA, and MIT. From these he selects anecdotes to demonstrate the difficulties of long-expeditions, the limits of human endurance, and the terrible complications that can arise from even routine conditions – far away from specialised medical intervention and supplies.

Although Dr Kamler’s notions on human survival seem to stretch the available facts at times; the stories they are based on are fascinating. To anyone with an interest in expedition medicine or the outdoors; this book leaves you with both a sense of wanderlust and adventure. An exceptional read.

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